(i) Members of ESOTA will be national or regional networks who are experienced in conducting randomised clinical trials, including the treatment or prevention of stroke. The focus of ESOTA will be on randomised trials initially, but member networks which do other research will not be excluded, provided they also have experience in randomised trials.

(ii) Members of ESOTA should be randomised clinical trial networks that are organised and stable and specifically focused on stroke or which include a stroke group. Organised means that there is at least one identified leader who is supported by a representative group/committee. Stable means that the network needs to have conducted more than one stroke trial. Networks which have been formed for the conduct of a single trial are encouraged to develop and conduct further trials before considering applying to join.

(iii) Participating networks are strongly encouraged to be linked to, or representative of, a national or regional stroke society.

(iv) ESOTA will support and advise national stroke organisations to build stroke research networks if requested.


Download the ESOTA Expression of Interest interactive form.