ESO Committee Corner: Trials Alliance (ESOTA)

ESOTA continues to develop and grow, now including over 200 participating hospitals in 6 countries. Member stroke research networks include Netherlands (CONTRAST), Stroke Trials Network Ireland, the UK Clinical Research Network, Swiss Stroke Trials Network, Spanish Stroke Society Network, and Scotland Stroke Research Network. Up to 6 more countries are expected to join by 2021.

At ESOC, ESOTA held a successful symposium to discuss trials and related studies in member networks. Prof Gotz Thomalla described practical issues about running a multinational EU-funded trial in Europe.  ESOTA also hosted a well-attended teaching symposium on trial design and operation in Europe. Prof Peter Kelly spoke at the Women Initiative for Stroke in Europe (WISE) workshop on supporting women in clinical research in ESO.

A review paper ‘Building a European network of networks for stroke clinical research – the ESO Trials Alliance’ was published in the European Stroke Journal. This and related materials are available on the ESOTA website (

The main goal of ESOTA is to make it easier for ESO investigators to conduct multinational stroke trials in Europe. ESOTA investigators seeking collaborators for their trials should contact Luzia Balmer ( to be connected with network investigators in other countries.

Stroke research networks who have not yet joined ESOTA but wish to do so are encouraged to check the membership information on the website and contact Luzia for further information.

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