We are excited to announce that ESOTA is further growing and would like to welcome the Italian Stroke Research Network as a new and 10th member.

Welcome to our new member network!

The Italian Stroke Research Network has a long-standing informal activity in Italy with many collaborations at international level. Recently the Network moved toward a more structured organization and is now ready to become part of ESOTA.

The network has close relationship with the Italian Stroke Association (ISA-AII). It was born from the integration of different experiences, cultures and professionalism united by dedication, passion and commitment to the fight against stroke. ISA-AII promotes and supports research and training aimed at developing a modern and innovative medical and scientific culture, which translates into expert prevention and treatment interventions, reducing the impact of cerebrovascular disease on people and society.

Furthermore, the ISA-AII is part of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe and is strongly supporting to reach its aims and objectives.

Benvenuta Italia!!

What is ESOTA?

ESOTA is a Network of Networks and supports researchers in finding research partners for successfully conducting a trial.

The overall purpose of ESOTA is to promote research funding, collaboration, education, communication and advocacy in stroke research across Europe, thus supporting the conduct of randomised clinical trials leading to improved therapies for patients to prevent and treat acute stroke and the longer-term consequences of stroke.

ESOTA has become an international European ‘network of networks’ to facilitate stroke trials in Europe. Several trials are actively recruiting patients in these networks: